Kristie Gamer’s got the look.

For over two decades, Seattle’s go-to makeup and wardrobe stylist has had her hands on top commercial, print, film and music video shoots shot locally and worldwide. Need sumo wrestlers on the wing of a plane? Bill Gates dressed as Harry Potter? Kristie will make it happen.

As Seattle’s leading lifestyle stylist, Kristie brings out the natural beauty in everyone she encounters. Her exuberance, speed, professionalism, and unflappable energy keeps clients coming back for more. With a specialty in sports, Gamer lives up to her last name, having groomed & styled a lineup of big-name athletes: Russell Wilson, Ken Griffey Jr, Clint Dempsey, Sue Bird, Isaiah Thomas & more.

A Minnesotan girl with big-city swagger, Kristie puts talent at ease from celebrities and CEO’s to real people and actors. After Kristie did professor and public speaker Brené Brown's makeup for a live interview, Brené was so pleased that she gushed on camera, "Kristie, I'm taking you wherever I go for the rest of my life!"

Kristie is a dual cardholder of costumes and makeup in IATSE Local 488. You can find her always at the ready behind the wheel of her VW van.